Prado Programmatic Solution:
Enabling Private & Open Market Ads at Scale

Prado is the leading mobile SSP, DSP and Ad Exchange. We activate high-performance programmatic campaigns across thousands of apps on our network.

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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Automation makes digital advertising more efficient and effective by streamlining the process across a connected technology platform.  

The Prado Programmatic solution allows any DSP or Exchange to reach our unique inventory of over 300 million users through a single point of integration.

Once integrated to the Prado programmatic advertising auctions, we give buyers high priority and premium access to our market leading inventory. Prado operates with integrity for its publishers and demand partners by implementing both human and programmatic monitoring systems for every creative launched on the Prado ad network.

Prado Programmatic Deal Types

Private Auction (PMP):

With this type of deal, partners will receive an invitation to buy from the Prado inventory. Fully customizable, we allow targeting with specific app lists and contextual targeting including age, gender, and interest based segments.

Programmatic Guaranteed (PG):

PG deals are non-auction-based, as pricing is agreed with Prado in advance. The volume agreed will be guaranteed on both sides of the buying, and allows for 100% transparency and control into our family-safe inventory.

Why Prado Programmatic Ads?

Traditional media buying processes can be slow and inefficient, and involve lot of manual work (typically with several requests for proposals, timely human negotiations and manual insertion orders). Ads are purchased in bulk and advertisers have little control over both inventory and placement. Prado has a custom built proprietary system thats connects buyers to 1000s of mobile apps on over millions of mobile devices across the world. We provide our clients with access to premium inventory across display, native, mobile and video exchanges so they know their ads show on the most relevant apps to your highest value customers.

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