Reach Your Target Audience

Prado's massive reach enables brands to build connections with their consumers.

Prado Connect Audiences

With a leading SDK platform and direct programmatic connections, Prado Connect helps you reach targeted teen, parent and grown-up audiences across top apps all over the world.

Ages 13-18 years old
Quick bite-sized games; hyper-casual and increased personalization apps like music apps.
Location and affluence targeted.
Ages 18-23 and 24-49+
Daily players who view gaming as an important part of their day; love brain challenging and matching apps.
Location and affluence targeted.
Ages 18-25 and 26-50+
Digitally savvy with a focus on gaming, driving, and sports related apps.
Location and affluence targeted.

Leverage Prado's Unique Targeting Engine

Prado allows brands to pick the most relevant audience for each product or service.

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