Generate greater revenue for your apps

Prado's unique monetization solution enables app publishers to monetize their apps with the most relevant ads and get everything needed to acquire the highest value users.

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Smart tech

Prado is one of the largest global ad networks: we can fill ad requests from anywhere in the world. We have developed one of the most advanced monetization technologies on the market.

Engaging and Effective Ad Units

Retain and acquire users with Prado's high performing ad formats. We offer fully customizable experiences, across all types of ads:
  • Rewarded

  • Banner

  • Video

  • Interstitial

  • Rich Media

Advanced Analytics

Our easy-to-use dashboards aid in making wiser decisions to grow your mobile app earnings and improve user experiences. Prado's in-depth reporting and measurement tools provide richer insights so you can analyze and optimize growth.

Integration Made Easy

Plug-and-play SDK with just a few simple lines of code, while supporting all popular platforms.

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