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Prado is a mobile in-app technology provider that reaches over a billion monthly active users.
The Prado software team have built a cutting-edge mobile advertising platform accessing hundreds of thousands of the world's most famous apps.

Executive Leadership:

Prado is led by CEO Jason Williams and President Eldad Ben Tora.  Friends and colleagues, they lead the global Prado network working with teams in 10 time zones. Together, they have a substantial foundation in adtech and work together to drive innovation and excellence.

Eldad Ben Tora
President and GM EMEA
Based in Israel, Eldad not only co-founded Prado, but has also been a key part of the startup nation that created numerous 'unicorns' in the Adtech space. Having effectively led previous companies to great success, Eldad is driven to help publishers grow their businesses and sees Prado as one of his biggest and most fulfilling projects so far.
Jason Williams
Jason hails from picturesque Vancouver, Canada and where his passion for technology began in the early days of the Pacific Northwest startup scene.  As a CEO, MBA and leader Jason helps to shape the Prado strategy ensuring the Company is a critical path in the AdTech marketplace.
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At Prado, our global teams work collaboratively to deliver non-stop, exceptional results for our partners and clients. Since launching, Prado
has been essential in connecting brands and publishers with their audiences, in the in-app advertising space.