In today's digital marketing landscape, the key to a successful campaign lies in captivating your intended audience and motivating them to take desired actions. One of the most valuable ways to accomplish this is by leveraging in-app mobile ads. When delivered with precision, mobile ads have the power to generate extraordinary click-through rates (CTRs), resulting in heightened engagement and exceptional conversion rates. By collaborating with a leading company like Prado, where we specialize in delivering in-app mobile ads with exceptionally high CTRs, you can transform your digital marketing endeavors, and catapult your remaining 2023 KPIs.

Look at our new comparison chart and see for yourself the power of safe, compliant in-app mobile advertising for the whole family.

the only CTR comparison chart you will ever need, from Prado

Campaigns with Prado can achieve an average CTR of 7.12%!!! Did you know that the industry average is only 0.80%?! 😮
What does that mean and why does that matter?

1) Unparalleled Reach and Engagement - Prado offers unrivalled reach to a vast pool of potential customers who spend a significant amount of their time in mobile games. By partnering with us, you gain access to a network of the world's most popular apps (like Candy Crush and FIFA Mobile), where your ads are displayed in an environment where players are already engaged, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention and compelling them to take action.

2) Data Targeting at Scale - One of Prado's key advantages is the ability to deliver both data and contextually targeted advertising at scale. Our consistently high CTRs ensures that your campaigns are strategically positioned in front of the right audience with PRECISION, maximizing the chances of driving conversions.

3) Enhanced User Experience - Mobile ads with Prado seamlessly integrate and provide a non-intrusive and enjoyable user experience. This alignment between the ad and the app creates a positive impression on players, increasing the likelihood of them interacting with your ad and converting into valuable leads or customers.

4) Optimized Performance and ROI - Prado understands the importance of performance optimization. Through continuous monitoring, testing, and refining, we are able to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. By analyzing key performance metrics, such as CTRs, our team can identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your ad placements, messaging, and targeting. This commitment to optimization translates into higher ROI for your marketing investments.

5) Competitive Edge - In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. By partnering with Prado, you gain a valuable competitive edge. Your ads will have better visibility, higher engagement, and improved conversion rates, allowing you to outperform your rivals in the digital landscape.

Let's work together to give you better results on your next ad campaign.