Mobile gaming continued its incredible growth last year, and brands are increasingly recognizing the immense potential to connect with a highly engaged audience. With over 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide now, reaching and connecting with your audiences has never been easier. 

As mobile phones continue to permeate every aspect of daily life, mobile gaming has emerged as a massive global phenomenon, transcending age, gender, and geographic boundaries. From casual gamers seeking quick entertainment to dedicated enthusiasts immersed in complex gameplay, the mobile gaming audience is diverse and voracious, with millions of players worldwide.

Our latest infographic highlights valuable insights that can empower you to kick-start your mobile in-app ad journey with us:

11 stats on mobile gaming

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Explosive Growth of In-App Ads:

In-app advertising has witnessed exponential growth within the mobile gaming industry, presenting brands with a golden opportunity to engage with players in an immersive environment. From video ads seamlessly integrated into gameplay, to interactive ad experiences like our Game Ads enhancing user engagement, the possibilities for brands to connect with their target audience are endless.

Immediate Access to Engaged Audiences:

Unlike traditional advertising channels that may require lengthy lead times, in-app ads offer brands the advantage of instant access to a highly engaged audience. With players spending significant amounts of time within mobile games DAILY, brands can effectively capture their attention and drive brand awareness, consideration, and conversion in real-time.

At Prado, we are committed to facilitating seamless partnerships between brands and mobile gaming audiences, leveraging our expertise, proprietary technology and data-driven insights to unlock unparalleled opportunities for brand engagement and growth.

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