The countdown to the Super Bowl is on, and brands across the globe are gearing up to unveil their most captivating ads during the highly anticipated event. The biggest question other than who is going to win, is how do brands get in on the action without million dollar budgets? At Prado, we understand the significance of connecting brands with their target audience during major events like the Super Bowl. Our innovative platform offers a unique opportunity for brands to maximize their impact through precise audience targeting, ensuring that their ads reach the right users at the right time.

Reaching Audiences Where They Are

Super Bowl ads aren’t just for gametime, they create buzz and excitement both before and during the game. And what are audiences going to be doing during the game and ad breaks? They’ll be on their mobile phones. In a recent Super Bowl survey from AdTaxi, 71% of the adult Super Bowl audience is projected to engage with additional media platforms beyond their primary viewing method! And what a better way to grab their attention than in a highly relevant mobile game? Prado provides access to all the top sports-themed game apps, like Madden NFL Football 2024, Top 11 Be a Soccer Manager, and Golf Battle, allowing brands to engage with audiences in a highly targeted manner. Whether it's through interactive video ads, immersive game ad experiences, or engaging creatives, we empower brands to captivate audiences during one of the most-watched events of the year.

top scoring sports apps with prado

Precision Audience Targeting

Getting your ad in the hands of the right audiences at the right time is EXACTLY why mobile ads are king. What sets Prado apart is our ability to deliver precise audience targeting, ensuring that brands reach the most relevant users - every single time. Through advanced segmentation techniques and real-time monitoring, we ensure that your ads are delivered to audiences who are most likely to engage and convert, maximizing the return on investment for brands.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

In addition to precise audience targeting, our platform offers comprehensive analytics and reporting, allowing brands to track performance in real-time. From engagement metrics to conversion rates, our detailed insights provide brands with valuable data to optimize their advertising strategies and drive success.

As the excitement builds for Super Bowl weekend, Prado is proud to offer brands access to all the top games - whether it's reaching sports enthusiasts, football fans, or a broader audience, our platform ensures that brands make a lasting impression during one of the biggest events of the year and on!

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