Excitement is building as our VP and CEO gear up to attend the highly anticipated IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2024. Recognized as the birthplace of pivotal industry discussions, this event has been at the forefront of shaping the digital ad landscape, from the demise of the cookie to the rise of DTC brands, supply chain transparency, and beyond.

VP and CEO heading to IAB ALM 2024

Set against the vibrant backdrop of sunny Florida from January 28 to 30, the 2024 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting promises to be a gathering of digital trailblazers and business leaders. Our VP of Strategy, Ryan Lexer,  and CEO Jason Williams,  will be in person for exclusive networking experiences that delve into the latest trends and innovations defining the future of our digital ad world.

This event is where it all started, and it's where the future begins. Stay tuned as our leadership brings back insights and perspectives that will shape our adtech  journey in the year ahead.

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